A Night Among the Horses

As a little girl,
I lost my way,
Staring at the waters,
Watching the Seas climb.
Those mountains high,
And prairies wide,
Made me dream of Gypsies,
Sleeping under meadow lights.

Far far away lands,
The Creeks were winding,
Trembling and hiding,
From storms of sand.

Across the bridge,
Of golden pebbles,
Leaping through
Moon-River ripples.
Those silvered horses
Came riding [x3]
To change my life,
In that one night,
When I lived in air,
I lived in stones,
The starry night,
Became my home,
And with the wild horses,
I kept moving on.

A night among the horses,
A night among the horses,
I spent A night among the horses,
How light was my spirit,
When I spent a night among the horses.

–      Words and Music written by Ivaana