After Paradise Mother


In that long night,
When no one kept watch,
You left me alone,
Fearing the unknown,
Quivering in my little dress of red dots,
Mother, what made you leave me?
Leave me stranded,
Stranded in the bitter hum of frost?

I feel you on bright summer days,
I feel you in winter’s cold grace,
I feel you as the Sun sleeps,
Over clouds and lakes.
I see you in the pressed leaves
Between pages of my book,
I see you everywhere mother,
Everywhere that I look.

All I ever needed-your soft touch,
All I ever needed-your caring for my hurt,
All I ever needed-your arms around me mother,
All I ever needed, is a little bit of you,
And I wasn’t asking for much.
I wasn’t, I wasn’t asking for much.
Beyond the shades of evergreen trees,
Beyond where the ocean, the seas,
Beyond where all things meet,
Visible and elusive,
Beyond wind,
Beyond time,
Is where you and I will meet,
Is where you and I will meet.

After paradise mother,
After paradise mother,
Where the hour hangs on a pause
After paradise mother
After paradise mother
Where moments dissolve
After paradise mother,
We will meet.

–      Words and Music Written by Ivaana


Lyrics written in 2012


You Paint Heaven Now

There is no end of you,
you are in between lives,
getting no nearer.

You stand
in the center
of a thousand mirrors,
and when the doors of heaven
creek open,
there is a silence after
silence after you…

I watch you measure
the splendor of stars on water,
but every time I think I can get closer,
I just get further.
Echoes and thunder,
questions and answers,
it’s all over,
over now

You are drenched
in sunlight and moon-sparks,
your imagination takes off
to landscapes undiscovered.

You paint Heaven now,
you paint Heaven now,
your body’s wandered
away from your soul,
but you are complete,
you are whole,
you paint Heaven now,
you paint Heaven now.

~Words by Ivaana