I’ll be Your Fort: For my Son

As the Sun moves past
Broken twigs,
And the world shuts its eyelids
On me,
I want you to go back and think,
How we would talk about,
Butterflies and Poetry,
And wonder why we make strange patterns
As we walk by lime trees in the shade.

And then we would laugh like crazy,
Crazy white bees,
Dancing on their spindly heels,
With the Joan of Arc flame in your eyes
In your eyes,
I want you to fight the tears,
The cry,
As I must leave this world and go
My Child.

I know I am breaking my promise to you,
I know I am breaking my promise to you
But you are my pride and I know you can keep it inside,
My child,
My pride.

But if you ever feel the walls coming down
I’ll be your Fort,
I won’t let you down,
You won’t be alone,
I’ll be you’re your Fort,
Your private angel,
Your password through pain.

I’ll be your Fort,
Before you are moved to tears,
When darkness sets in
Or you feel wretched within,
I’ll be your Fort,
Just don’t give in,
‘cos the world’s a harsh place to live in,
Never give in,
I’ll be your Fort,
My Child,
My Pride.

~ Words and music by Ivaana