Lean into this evening

Night gallops on her secret mare,
Silence touches waking air,
Dust attending sleep,
Come and lean on me.

Lean, lean into, lean into this evening
Lean into this evening with me.

The river of our souls roll on,
Skin of bodies, ardent moss,
Your eyes of absence, kiss me numb,
Look what of me has become.

Lean, lean into, lean into this evening,
Lean into this evening with me.

Come lean into this evening with me,
This sprawling wheat stalked evening,
Unceasing, longing, pleading,
This close-mouthed mirrored evening.

The hooked head of the night bird stares,
Gasping in the forbidden air,
As we embrace, it hides its face,
From its blouse of dark, feathery lace.

Pine needles are tick with laughter,
Black bells wonder, ‘what’s the matter?’
Deep inside that green alcove,
Your breath drinks mine-tasting love.

And I lean into you,
And you lean into me,
And we lean into this evening,
Deeply, madly, needing,
Trusting and believing,

This evening,
This evening,
This evening.

~Words and music by Ivaana