Open Source research for musical initiatives

I taught English Literature in India and then started writing music to my own lyrics when I arrived here in the US. My chief interest however was home schooling my son to make him realize his own dreams.

After acquiring a professional songwriting certificate at a renowned music school in the US, I felt like Meryl Taradash’s sculpture The Caged Bird Dances II. The mystery and the urgency of moving with the unpredictable forces of my imagination felt fettered, and yet not quite. I wanted to be left alone with the elemental forces and find my own. My musical background restrained me in the beginning and so I composed and sung songs based off my restless quest for the reality beyond. My first album (Silver Lines and Strings) was digitally released in 2012. I was so wrapped up in life that I almost forgot to publish my music otherwise. Strangely, I did not regret that. When we moved from Florida to Cambridge in April 2012, I felt loosened like ice melt when I first walked down Infinite corridor at MIT. I always had a lot on my mind. I always had a dream and usually wrote down my dreams as a teenager. Here at MIT, my dreams wrote me down. I was able to concretize the images that had appeared in my dreams earlier, without a reason, without a motivation, without an explanation. The open sources and endless wealth of information at the Institute, made me realize my experiences, emotions and the preoccupations in a totally different light and I knew I was ‘moving about in worlds not realized.’ I asked myself questions like, ‘what underlies human existence and development?’ ‘How do I reinvent myself as a sound artist or lyrical storyteller so I may easily merge my restlessness to a state of composure in which I could manifest my new found self through music?’

I also wanted to reach out and touch the dreams that I was weaving in the stories, wear them and experience the creative process by handmade visual designs. Multilayered meanings embodied in visual motifs and fabrics is now a passion and I am now being able to touch the voices and creatures of my imagination.

After three and half years of very slow but intense self-discovery, I finally have my project lined up for publication in the fall of 2016. My entire world is currently orbiting in a slow circle around this process. I can’t wait to share. The hours are creaking but the clouds are all clear. Clucking birds are flying over the River Charles, embracing the grandeur of the skies. I feel lighter on the earth as the darkness clears-‘Never saw I, I never felt, a calm so deep…’