Speak Anyway

More and more,
by each infinite minute;
the Sea of distances
widens between us
till you are just a Ghost,
paused on my lips. (on my lips)

I am so close to the Sky
that I wonder if you pass by
with Music in your eyes.
Do you pass by?

But how does it matter?
How does it matter
if we are moved to an altitude of silence;
how does it matter?

We speak anyway
of the rhythm of rain
or the women you would watch
years ago in the train,
of things powerful
or insignificant.
We speak anyway,
without words,
without words,
we speak – we speak anyway.

Words can come and go
through partly-open doors
of our hearts,
but we speak anyway
of sifting sand particles
(like betrayal)
of golden memories,
Without words, without words –
we speak anyway.

Chapters of our lives,
how we wish
we could reconcile
and get it all back.
But do we care,
Oh, do we care
for nothing’s a downslide,
between you and I,
for we speak anyway
and that’s a fact we can rely
Without words, without words –
we speak anyway.

~Words by Ivaana