Through Braided rags
I saw your face
You moved like love,
When it moves in space.
You were sad, you were silent,
Like a deer in leafy light.
A white angel in a dark valley,
Everywhere you were rife.

You were a boat,
Drifting alone,
Through sunset’s coloring book,
And as the clouds hurried home,
You came, oh you came into your own.

Now Pastel fountains,
Climb over the mountains,
And the earth bursts into song,
And though you are gone,
Among the deer and fawn,
Your thoughts still keep me warm.

Svana, you know where to find me,
Svana, you know where to find me,
Where rivers run,
And with the waters,
We ripple on,
You know,
Svana you know where to find me.

Those gold leaves,
From the nine trees,
Will cover you and me,
Svana, life will come back,
Just like that,
And we’ll pour into the sea,
Just you and me,
Just you and me,
Into the sea,
The sea.
The sea.


I remember watching you bend over the weeds,
Becoming a part of the shapeless air,
Then we would go down on our knees
Yes I remember how it feels,
On our knees,
Like nodding tulips by the goblin’s lair.

–      Words and Music Written by Ivaana