The Black Walnut Tree

From petal to leaf, just You and Me,
And hand in hand, we strangely sang,
Of one eternity,
Under that Black Walnut Tree.

Now hours have creaked
Through nascent feet,
There are thinking, tangling shadows in the deep,
Full of lichens and barnacled weeds.

But I still think of how I loved you through the leafy tongue,
And Time exploding slowly,
Loved you through the Divine Destruction,
Of that Black Walnut Tree.

Oh that Black Walnut Tree,
Scattering constellations of pollen in the looming silence,
Billowing signs and portents,
Vernally, Cankerously.

Now bitter are the waters of memory
This world stripped of its purity.
And filled with the color of the needled dark,
How frail, this heart.

Black Walnut Tree,
I kneel at your root steps and weep,
Don’t blame me if I succumb,
Under the green branches of your cherished Sun.

The womb of night, lies curled at your feet,
Fast asleep.
From the cauldron of your kiss I breathe,
Oh Black Walnut Tree.

All I seek
Is to let me weep,
{And make me complete},
At your tangled feet,
Oh! Black Walnut Tree


-Words by Ivaana